What is EO Space?
EO space is an educational environment that helps young students master skills in math complemented with acquiring soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making. It challenges children to shape the digital EO Space world and define its future.
Thus, we suggest a new friendly and motivating way to educate and develop children online to help them fulfill their potential in the future world.
We offer an innovative approach to game-based learning for children 6 to 12 selecting the best educational practices and making them accessible to children in our science-fiction EO Space digital world.
Product features
Every element of EO space brings an educational value. Therefore, it adopts the genre of science fiction and operates physical and rational laws without magic.
The game plot unfolds in the near future and focuses on exploration of new planets. It serves as a supporting substrate for learning math and acquiring soft skills.
By solving problems in math children accumulate resources for in-game progression and are welcome to influence the EO Space world. It offers a good model of interaction children can use in the real world to strive for a better future.
Children with different learning abilities are equally interested in the game. Fast learners will cover new subject areas swiftly without any restrictions or slowdowns, while other children will be able to maintain their own pace without pressure.
Children gain practical experience facing real-world challenges and dilemmas in a safe environment. On the whole, it produces unique learning effects.
Children gain relevant experience in soft skills application. EO space allows to imitate a range of social concepts and dilemmas in an immersive environment that makes children face a variety of real-world problems and develop their soft skills in practice.
Safe and wholesome online environment. The EO Space world maintains the same level of engagement as video games and YouTube but is harmless and of high utility.
More engagement and less irritation. The dynamics of the main gameplay does not interfere with its educational part so that children can stay focused and not get distracted from solving problems.
A safe and friendly environment for children without built-in advertising, limited functionality or manipulations by in-app purchases.
Higher curriculum progression pace and more practice. The simplicity of the educational interfaces and their isolation from the gameplay component might allow children to solve more math problems.