What are Adventure classes?
Adventure Classes is a revolutionary learning product that addresses two pressing problems in education: difficulty keeping children engaged in class and decreasing interest in math.
Adventure Classes offers an interactive, story-based approach to math learning that combines classroom teaching with an online practice web-based application.

We are committed to engaging students emotionally in the learning process.
Addressing goals
Interactive game-based scenarios and earned rewards are utilized to emotionally engage students in the learning process, which fosters long-term involvement and motivation.
Math practice is seamlessly integrated into the story as one of the in-game mechanics, which supports students in making decisions and forming their learning path while also making learning fun.
Demonstrating the importance of collaboration, Adventure Classes helps students develop their collaborative skills through group discussions, negotiations, and teamwork when facing everyday challenges.
By requiring students to evaluate and test various approaches and make informed decisions when facing real-world challenges, Adventure Classes creates a safe and inclusive student-centered environment.
At Adventure Classes, math is fun as students can contribute to the common goal at their own pace by choosing a math problem difficulty level that suits them.
Value for teachers
Adventure Classes provides value for teachers by creating engaging and interactive math lessons that bring happiness from watching students grow and develop. Moreover, Adventure Classes allows teachers to spend more time on the students who require additional support.
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