This is not a conventional course, but a 7-day adventure with elements of quest where a child helps a real person solve mathematical puzzles.

The child will learn something new, reinforce the material learned, gain first-hand experience in solving applied mathematical tasks, and develop the habit of step-by-step learning.

Age: 6–12 years old
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A 7-day adventure with elements of quest where a child helps a real person solve mathematical puzzles.

Age: 6–12 years old.

7 days for %%cost%% $, 2 days FREE!

A child helps the character, communicates with a real person and becomes a part of the story. The quest storyline can develop in many different ways.
Each child is assigned a personal tutor who helps with solving the problems and acts on behalf of the character.
The tasks of the quest are adapted to the child's age and designed for kids aged 6 to 12. The difficulty may change in the course of the quest.
You get the tasks on the phone for 7 days at your convenient time. The child completes the tasks on paper, rather than spending all the time on the phone.
The Quest Storyline
A submarine had an accident in the Atlantic Ocean. All crew members evacuated. Only Trinton Axe got locked in his own cabin.

In order to get out of the trap and send a distress call, Trinton has some heavy-lifting to do — to fix electric wiring and unlock password-protected doors. He has been trying to contact his headquarters, but to no avail. You are the only one he managed to establish contact with...
How the Quest Proceeds
Start. You sign up for the quest, and your kid receives the first message from the character in the submarine. To create an illusion of a real-life event, we use native messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp.
Self-education. During 7 days the kid receives new messages from Trinton Axe, who needs help while he undergoes various challenges.
Solving tasks and feedback. To pass a test, it is necessary to fulfill a task. The kid sends the answer and gets a confirmation from the character or a tutor.
The final task. Having completed the final task, the kid completes the quest.
Different approaches to solving arithmetic tasks with skill-building
Tasks designed to develop strategic thinking
Practicing all tasks
Using Morse code
Logically solved tasks
Tasks involving deciphering codes
And many more
The Quest Program
The participants complete the tasks on their own at the time that suits them best. The quest duration is 7 days. Every day the kid gets new tasks and takes part in an exciting adventure in a submarine. To complete all tasks, the kid will need 10 to 30 minutes every day.
How the learning process works
When can we start learning?
You can start learning at a time that suits you most. After you place a request, an operator will contact you and discuss the most convenient time for learning sessions.
When do learning sessions take place?
The quest lasts 7 days and takes 10 to 30 minutes every day. Learning sessions take place at the time agreed upon with the parents.
How exactly is the process designed?
The kid proceeds in accordance with the scenario — solving tasks, making decisions, working with information, communicating with characters, and learning theory. Each kid is supervised by a tutor.
Who checks the tasks?
The tasks are checked by the tutor, and if the kid finds something difficult, the tutor uses the quest to help the kid understand new material and come to the right answer.
Is it possible to ask questions?
Yes, the kid can ask any questions, and will get detailed answers.
Will the kid's knowledge be enough? How difficult is it to learn?
The quest tasks are tailored the kid's level. If the kid finds them difficult to solve, the tutor will help reach the solution.
Why is this more efficient than conventional courses?
Our educational strategy involves an exciting adventure and communication in native messengers (Telegram or WhatsApp). Each kid is supervised by a personal tutor.
Leave you contact information, and we will reach you during our business hours (from 10 am till 7 pm) and set the time for sessions.
7 days for 990$
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