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Hello, parents!

Congratulations — your child has become a participant in the EO STEM Jam.
EO STEM Jam is a festival of math, STEM activities and workshops. Your child will participate in an hour of math competition, an hour of activities and workshops on STEM, and an award ceremony
Each participant gets a medal!
One of the principles of EO STEM Jam is the absence of any comparing between the children.
We have gathered the main rules of EO STEM Jam.

We recommend you read the next part together with your child

After registration, you and a volunteer assigned to you will go to the hall where the Math Challenge will be held. Get to know your volunteer and feel free to ask them questions — they are your main assistant at the Math Challenge. After you sit down in your seat, get to know the other kids and join in the team games. But if you don't feel like doing it, you do not have to participate.

So, the bell rings! This is a signal that it's time to start solving the cards. You have one hour. Go ahead!

Important rules:

  1. You can take a card of any difficulty level. If there are no more cards with a certain level of difficulty, then choose another one. Your task is to solve as many cards as possible!
  2. As soon as you have solved the card, bring it to the volunteer to be checked. Don't forget your badge (they'll give it to you before the Challenge). The volunteer will scan your badge number first, and then the card.
  3. If you don't like the card, you can exchange it at any time.
  4. If the card is solved correctly, then you get the game coins. The higher the difficulty level, the more game coins there are: 1 game coin for a level 1 card, level 3 — 3 game coins, and so on. If you make one mistake in the card, the volunteer will give you game coins, but these points will not go into your overall rating. But you will be able to spend more money on entertainment during STEM activities!
  5. You can only take one card at a time.

Not allowed:

  1. During the solution of the tasks, it is forbidden to talk with other participants.
  2. You cannot take cards from other teams' tables.
  3. You cannot use your phone or calculator.
  4. Do not interfere with other participants when they are solving tasks.
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